Yoga With Anjali

Yoga is a powerful tool of transformation and self-actualization. WithAnjali’s diverse background and training, her teaching style has evolved into a unique fusion of Vinyasa flow and Kemetic Yoga which, when coupled with her down-to-earth personality and infectious passion for life, love and healing, produces an engaging and irresistibly healing experience for all of her students.

Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Yoga

Ancient Egyptian mythology gives us significant insights into our own Divine nature and the workings of the world. When embodied as a system of yoga, these myths and philosophies facilitate a particularly powerful union of the mind, body and soul, and alignment with the Cosmic principles represented by the gods and goddesses of Kemet (Ancient Egypt). In this class we will use our physical and energetic bodies to move through The Sema Pau Thef Neteru system of Yoga, a series of 28 postures and 5 phases symbolizing the Soul’s journey on earth. Begin your journey on the Mat, and end as Ma’at embodied: the personification of truth, purpose, order, balance, reciprocity and propriety. Hetep (Peace)!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic, creative style of yoga that synchronizes intentional body movements with the breath to achieve a continuous flow and moving-type meditation.

A typical Yoga class will include:

  • A yoga flow that aligns with a particular theme or collective intention.
  • Extensive breath work.
  • Body strengthening & stretching.
  • Insights into how the body works and why yoga facilitates healing on the physical, emotional & spiritual planes.
  • Use of Ancient Egyptian mythology as a tool for gaining clarity during life’s challenges.
  • A deep relaxation and meditation at the end of class.

What You Get:

  1. 60-75 min detailed consultation
  2. A written document of your well-researched health plan
  3. A free 15 min follow up phone call

  4. Access to me via instant messenger to answer any lingering questions/concerns (regarding initial health concern. New concerns will require another appointment).

In a Yoga class with Anjali you can expect to walk away with:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased strength in the body
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Reduced tension in the body
  • Enhanced breathing capacity
  • Reduced mental stress
  • Greater clarify for addressing life’s challenges
  • A calm state of mind
  • A sense of connection to Self, Others, and the Divine
  • Increased confidence
  • Overall feel-good-ness!

Some Core Guiding Principles of Yoga

Various Yoga Practices promote the following guiding principles: