Hi! My name is Anjali!

I have always had an innate desire to heal the world and humanity in some shape or form in my life, and growing up I wasn’t quite sure how it would transpire. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Science and believed it would foster my relationship with the ocean and subsequently work on healing marine life.

As life always brings us to new paths and directions, after completing my Bachelors I decided to attend the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and enrolled in Naturopathic Medical School. In this time and space, I started to explore and deepen my relationship with non-dairy foods, yogurts, and milk in particular. I started to realize how much we lacked the ability to use “food as medicine”, and I know it’s so cliche, but what I started to understand is that we had lost so much of our understanding of utilizing food and nutrition in place of taking herbal supplements, minerals, and even probiotics. This is how I launched Kashaya Probiotics and started to explore how I could bring my knowledge of how to heal the gut and microbiome to the world around me.

I have worked now with 100’s of clients to help resolve deep-rooted gastro-intestinal issues including IBS, ulcers, GERD, Crohn’s, Candida, and SIBO. Usually stemming from stress and anxiety, we focus there first. We then work intensively with diet, alkalinity, and underlying infection. Within 90-days we see substantial improvement, and maintain from there. It would be such an honor to work with you on your healing journey to optimal gut-health!

Naturopathic Practice